Here are 10 things you need to know to get started on your bagpipe journey.

  1. Don’t buy a set of bagpipes.  Save your money!  You only need a practice chanter a book and a teacher.
  2. Buy a Practice Chanter.  This is the instrument used to develop the music to play on the bagpipe.
  3. Buy a Bagpipe Method.  My method “Bagpipes For Beginners” was developed to teach you a repertoire of tunes to play for any occasion.
  4. Find a teacher like me.  I teach people around the   World over the internet.  I have been doing this full time for the last 24 years.
  5. Read everything you can about playing the bagpipe. I have a blog “The Bagpiper Blog” where there are close to 100 articles about playing the bagpipe.
  6. Work on this project daily.  The secret to playing the bagpipe is consistency.  Playing the bagpipe is a habit!
  7. Go to bagpipe related events. Highland Games, parades an concerts.
  8. Join my Face Book Pages called “Playing the Bagpipe”.
  9. Listen to bagpipe music and all kinds of music to build your musical brain.
  10. Enjoy the journey!

You will receive a series of emails starting in 24 hours with a few lessons for free to get you started.

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