A New Beginning! Here we are…nearly at the beginning of another summer. A lot of people, especially younger people, dread this time of year as it signals back to school time.

Even as we grow into adults, we still tend to work on this same schedule. The end of summer is sad as it represents a time for the fun to stop and the work to begin. In a way, that’s true. But perhaps the fall signals a time to start a new, fun project…and get serious about it, too.

Be the Role Model! As your kids go back to school, you can set an example by becoming a student yourself…a student of the Great Highland Bagpipe. September is a great time to begin bagpipe lessons, and you can initiate the process by finding a bagpipe teacher to guide you through this process.

This is the time of year when bagpipers start choosing the music to be played in competition for next season, as that season starts in the spring. If you do this, you then have about 6 to 7 months to learn your new music.
Get started now! So, in a nutshell, here’s what you need to do to get off to a solid start:

Find a teacher
Make a “school year” commitment. You need to give the project at least that long to be fair to yourself and the project. The “honeymoon” will be over in 30 days. The struggle lasts for up to 90 days. After that, it gets easier. You’ll be amazed at where you are by the time June rolls around!
Make an appointment with yourself on a daily basis to practice. Get up 30 minutes earlier. Do what you normally need to do in the morning; however, it you rise a little earlier you now have 30 minutes to practice before leaving your house. Most people make practicing the last thing they do and it never gets done. If playing the bagpipes is a priority in your life, it should never be last.

My job is to teach you how to practice this week, so follow my plan. As I would have a vested interest in your success, I am accountable for the quality of that plan.
Don’t buy anything until you have counseled with your instructor. Buying bagpipe-related things too early distracts people from what’s needed now. In addition, the market can be complicated, and impulsive buys often result in bad purchases if you are not educated as to what’s good and what’s not.
My job and goal is to make you a “bagpipe addict”. If you do these things above, we will be working together for a long time!