A Bagpiper is a person who:

  • Can play a list of tunes by memory on the bagpipe.

  • Can learn and develop their own music.

  • Can set up and maintain a set of bagpipes.

This program is designed to help you learn and develop your own music.


How A Tune is Developed

Learn To Read Rhythm

Our First Tune “Scotland the Brave”

Develop the “Simplified Version First”

Develop The “Prep Drills”

Develop the Original Version of “Scotland the Brave”

These tunes below have been structured the same as this example.  You can buy each tune as follows:


Simplified Version with 2 Audio Tracks $10

(Big, Slow and Open and Parade Speed)

Prep Drills with Audio $10 

Rhythm Training $5 

Complete (all 3) $15