After 6 years of playing my Gibson Fireside Pipes, I decided to sell them and get something new and different. I went back to my favorite bagpipe maker: Henry Murdo of Dunfion Bagpipes. I wanted a small pipe that played in Bb so that I could play it with the small pipes that most of my students own. The Dunfion AB Small Pipes are gorgeous and sound amazing. I hope you like them to. I have been playing them now for 3 years. They are especially nice when play for viewings as I can actually play in the same room as the event and I am “background” music because the instrument is soft and sweet. Take a listen in the following video:

As they are custom ordered as you can get a variety of set ups: Tenor, Baritone Bass Drones or 2 Tenors and a Bass. I personally prefer the 2 tenors and bass as I can move from a tune in one key and go to the next key without any problems. As this is a custom ordered product, call me at 215-968-9542 in the USA. I am in Pennsylvania on East Coast Time.